We offer a full range of evaluation services including needs assessments, program logic models, formative and summative evaluations, audience research, and staff workshops. Our flexible and innovative approach applies quantitative and qualitative research methods to answer the questions that will help you better serve your clients.

We work collaboratively with project staff, building on prior knowledge and strengthening internal evaluation capacity. Our collaborative approach extends to program participants, using data collection methods that add value to program content and are meaningful to participants.

We support program development and the discovery of innovative solutions to complex problems through working closely with project teams and rapid response data collection and reporting, guided by a developmental evaluation perspective.

Example evaluation projects

EMJ Associates has helped schools, museums, and community organizations with the following projects:

  • Formative evaluation of middle and high school environmental education curricula
  • External evaluation of Department of Education and Department of Defense Education Activity grants
  • Evaluation of teacher professional development for high school computer science, English language arts, and mathematics courses
  • Evaluation capacity-building with community-based organizations including staff training, stakeholder input, identification of outcomes, and logic models
  • Impact evaluation of museum outreach programs to underserved schools
  • Development of survey instruments to assess the effects of school and community programs
  • Focus groups with youth and adult leaders to improve youth development and informal education programs
  • Recommendations for data collection processes and assessment instruments for informal and after-school education programs
  • Recommendations for continuous program improvement based on program observations, interviews, and online surveys assessing the diverse experiences of students, teachers, and educators
  • Development of protocols for staff to record and summarize interactions with museum visitors
EMJ Associates Evaluation Services